Today I started learning Markdown, a pretty cool language fast and easy to learn.

Here are some helpful links:
Markdown Cheatsheet
Mastering Markdown
Markdown Tutorial - I liked this one because is interactive and learning by doing is the best.

My personal notes from today:

** for bold
_ for italic
# for header
(link title)[link]

[link][reference link]
[reference link]: the actual link

![image title](image url)
- the reference link works also for images

> quote in front of a paragraph

* unordered list

1. ... 2... ordered list

2 spaces to have new line  - one enter in not enough
2 enters is a new paragraph  

A short personal note: It looks like the known ``` is not working for code snippets, so I used ~~~.

P.S. I am using Atom as an editor and I have also Markdown Preview using CTRL+ALT+M

Post Update

I installed also Github markup. More about it on Github help

More about the code highlight suport on linguist page.

Kramdown syntax - the default Markdown build settings for Jekyll

YAML Validator