Between my wedding and my honey moon I found some time to also review a Windows Phone 8 book: Windows Phone 8 application development essentials.


Interesting experience, because it was the first time when I needed to review the content of a book and not be the one that contributes or the one that just reads it.

There were a couple of rules to fallow in this process and also some papers to send backā€¦ Chapter by chapter, piece of code by piece of code. In the end I was able to review 5 Chapters, and the last one was in the week just before September 7:).

I am very happy that I did it and I have a big Thank you to the book team which trusted my experience and my thoughts; hope you will enjoy reading it.

I will get the final version as an E-book but also as a hard cover and I am looking forward to have them bought in my libraries.

Happy reading!