A couple of days ago the IT Camp conference in Cluj was ending. A very nice organized conference, in a nice location with very interesting presentations. Thank you IT Camp team for all the effort and see you next year.:)

My presentation was on the second day from 9 AM. I was there at 8:20 and I started to arrange everything because every time is a challenge to use my Mac Book at a conference, most probably I will get use to it and I will make it work very well after a couple of more presentations.

At 8:30 everything was working perfectly but then I decided to disconnect the projector and to play a little bit with the demo. A big mistake because after 10 minutes, when I wanted to plug it back it stopped working. And now what to do… go and find another Mac adapter to VGA. Tudi came to rescue and passed me 2 of those. 3 minutes till 9 and all started to work again.

Perfect! The music started, people liked it and after, the slides started to role. One hour later and the presentation was finished. A very nice crowd, good questions and I am looking forward to see the feedback.

The next day we visited the Salt Mine form Turda. A very, very nice location to be at. I recommend to all of you to go there and enjoy the view.

A lot of other things happened: seeing the Cluj landscape from the Cathedral, eating a very good food in a couple of nice restaurants, having long discussions with the speakers. If you want to see how it was you can find the pictures on IT Camp Facebook account and after a while the slides and the recordings will be uploaded on vimeo.

Here is a picture with me.

See you at the next event!