After my last presentation at Aiesec I realized that my students are not very familiar with the web development and at the end of the session we decided that the best way of continuing my workshops will be to have an introductory presentation of Web Development and a session of Questions & Answers at the end.

With this decision taken I started thinking which is the best way of doing this and the first stop was HTTP. After that, how you can communicate with a server, what is HTML, JSON, XML and other formats. I’ve put all of this in a presentation - you can find it on SlideShare - and last Tuesday I had the workshop.

Some of them knew parts of the presentation, for the others most of the presentation was new and at the end we had almost an hour long discussion about:

How they can start doing this? How they can build fast a website? What is with REST and the services…?

And… in the last 10 minutes we made a plan for the next workshop.

The plan was to create an Appointment Manager. To be able create it we needed to have installed Visual Studio 2012 and to make together an ASP .NET MVC Application, a REST API which will expose the date created in the MVC Application and a client application which will call the REST Service. More about this in the next blog post.