I love drawing… when I am bored, or I need to focus on what I do, or I have some time for me, I draw. I started with trees, and after that flowers, cubs, glasses and in the end I wanted to make portraits. This was the tricky part, every time when I wanted to make a portrait I had problems with the eyes, or with proportions or the expression on the face was pretty strange… so… I stopped… I said that portraits are to hard to make and I needed a teacher to pass this step.

At the beginning of January I decided to start again, I bought a book and a lot of pencils, coal, and graphite, paper but not the time to start.

This evening I came home from the office and I picked up the book. The first part with the history, the tools, the paper and everything passed pretty quickly and the the fun part started.

The first lesson…proportions. The second the eyes… and after 3 hours and a half this is the first break:). And here are the first 4 drawings.

drawing1 drawing2 drawing3 drawing4