Some time ago I was invited to be a mentor at a very interesting event organised by Haufe-Lexware and GeekMeet, GeekMeet 48. Yesterday, the event started. A lot of people, a lot of good energy and 5 very nice projects for the community. Me and my team will build a mobile application for “Pentru Voi” Foundation. In small words it is an application which offers the possibility to donate for deferent causes which are found and supported by Foundation.

From the technical part we chose to make an html page in a Phone Gap application. In this way we will be able to build our application in 2 days for every platform.

What the application do? It is a simple app which will have integrated a PayPal payment, an SMS payment and card payment for the causes. Another functionality will be the news feed got from “Pentru Voi” Facebook and also the possibility to share them on Facebook. The server is an Umbraco CMS which is perfect to create, update and delete the Projects and Posts. Umbraco offers also the output in JSON so it was very helpful to have it and to access it from Java Script.

At 6 PM, today, we will be at the end of the Hackathon. I hope we will finish our application and our Fundation will get a lot of help from it.

I will come with update at the end.