Some time ago I applied with a presentation paper to speak at DevReach conference. I was accepted ,”thank you Stephen:)”. Here is the Devreach speaker badge before de conference.

And today was the big day, I presented in front of a lot of people and here is one of the pictures with me there.

I came in Sofia 2 days ago, having a nice 4 hours trip, by plain, from Timisoara. The first event here was the speakers dinner where I’ve met a lot of nice people and with whom I had a very nice meal. Yesterday was Devrach’s first day, with o lot of interesting sessions and a lot of stress for me because I had to wait another day till I will be able to give the presentation. And that time came at 11:30 today.

With a lot of emotion and a very nice feeling, because I was happy to present at Devreach for the first time, I started. I walked throw all my slides and my examples, I explain almost every thing that I wanted, and it went ok. At the end they clapped and some people came and ask me things, and congratulated me for the nice presentation. I hope that everybody enjoyed it, and understood every thing from it and, the most important thing, they will use everything that I shown.

Almost everything from the presentation is on the blog already. In a couple of days I will add a blog post for navigation between pages with jQuery Mobile and data fetching with backbone.

Till then, have fun with the new technologies.

See you at the next conference :D .

P.S. Thank you Telerik for organizing such a nice conference!