I had this in mind for a long time; to have an english blog with everything interesting that I see and learn. Yesterday we published the site and now it is all up and running.

The purpose of this blog is to keep track of things, to save resources, thoughts, images and remarks. To be able to come here and to see a nice story about presentations, or about user experience, scrum process and new cool tools which appear all the time in our times. But it will not be all about technology, it will be also about trips, countries, food, books and photography.

In the end it is about everything I see, I learn, I like and love.

On 4 and 5 October I will be at Devreach presenting about my experience with Mobile Applications, but not the native ones, the HTML 5 Mobile Apps which can be built with Microsoft ASP .NET MVC 4, Web API and JQuery Mobile. Having this in mind, the next blog posts will be like a journal, keeping track of resources, of code snippets, of presentation methods and my thoughts about the difference between mobile native and mobile web.